Grants, Contracts, and Affiliations

Landscape approaches to multi-species conservation.  Research and report being developed for the Electric Power Research Institute. (Contract, 2016-2017)

Assessing the status of Canada lynx in the Kettle River Mountain Range, WA (Principal Investigator).  Together with Washington State University (Dr. Dan Thornton) and Conservation Northwest, I am conducting a camera-trap survey for lynx.  Grant from Conservation Research and Education Opportunities International. (Grant, 2016-2018)

Biodiversity Leadership Forum (BLF, Associate Director).  Assisting the BLF to design and promote a biodiversity-centric, global conservation agenda. (Contract, 2016-present)

Development of a One Health Program for Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Arctic-Beringia Program (Contractor). Assisting WCS to design and develop a research program focused on migrating birds and fishes in the Arctic. (Contract, 2016)

Member, Global Biodiversity Consultants. (Affiliation, 2015 – present)

 Volunteer projects

Applicant Reviewer, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at University of Washington (2016).

Contributor, (2015-present).  Published articles include:

Peer-reviewer for scholarly articles in the following journals: Biological Conservation, Oryx, Journal of Wildlife Management, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, and others (2006-present).