Conservation Program Design and Evaluation

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  • Experienced in application of Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, Miradi, and systematic conservation planning processes
  • Focused on development of outcome-oriented programs with measurable metrics
  • Have designed, implemented, and monitored programs across a broad range of scales, investment levels, and ecosystems

Program Development, Grant-writing, and Portfolio Investing

  • Proven track-record of successful grant-writing:
    • My projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation, a number of private foundations, federal agencies, and corporations
  • Expertise in assembling private-public partnerships
  • Grant-maker: proven ability to select high-performing projects and assemble portfolios to achieve impactful conservation programs

Biodiversity Assessments

  • Experienced in conducting quantitative as well as expert-driven assessment and planning processes
    • Led international conservation planning processes in various countries throughout South America, Africa and Asia
    • In the United States, conducted rapid biodiversity assessments and designed conservation programs in the following regions:
      • Alaska and the arctic
      • Northern Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest (MT, ID, WA)
      • Northern Great Plains (MT, WY, ND, SD, NE)
      • Southwest Deserts and grasslands (AZ, NM)
      • Wet meadows of the Sierra Nevada (CA)
  • Trained in the International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS6)

Wildlife and Ecological Assessments: Study Design, Management, Fieldwork, and IMG_0433Analysis

  • Experience designing and implementing field-based programs in Africa, South America, and North America
  • Experienced in various methods of mammal surveys, including scat-detection dogs, camera-trapping, and track plate and snow surveys
  • Applied experience in anadromous fish surveys
  • Expertise in design of endocrine and genetic sampling and laboratory techniques

Species Recovery Planning and Program Implementation

  • Developed programs and partnerships to help avoid federal listing of species (eg. New England Cottontail)
  • Coordinated programs assisting federal recovery (eg. grizzly bear, black-footed ferret, Chinook salmon)
  • Implemented mitigation measures to offset population effects of development (eg. pronghorn, polar bear, walrus)