Current projects

Manager, Quick Response Fund for Nature. Grants provided by the California Community Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Patagonia Foundation, the Otter Foundation, Weeden Foundation, and others. 2016-present.

TerrAdapt. Developing a dynamic planning toolset to inform priorities for conservation in a rapidly changing world. Grants from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Seattle City Light, Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation, Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, One Earth, Google Sustainability, and others. 2017-2020. Coming soon:

The Importance of Alaska for climate stabilization, resilience, and biodiversity conservation. In partnership with Alaska Venture Fund. Final report completed November 2020; manuscript submission underway.

Mapping the world’s remaining intact large mammal landscapes. Funding provided by One Earth to RESOLVE. 2019-2020.

Updating climate adaptation plans for land management agencies in Washington State. Grant from Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation. In partnership with Washington Conservation Science. 2019-2020.

Developing a Global Safety Net for biodiversity and climate stabilization. Funding from One Earth to RESOLVE. 2018-2020.

Writing and publishing the Global Deal for Nature, a science-based plan to save life on Earth. with RESOLVE; grant funding provided by One Earth. 2018-2019.

Ecoregion descriptions and plans for the world's 846 terrestrial ecoregions. with RESOLVE; grants provided by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and One Earth. 2017-2020.

Coordinating the Nature Needs Half Network. Grants provided by the Weeden Foundation. 2017-present.